Professional Live In Person Legal Training Courses

Effective Legal Presentations delivers professional legal training courses built upon educationally sound curriculum, combining the best practices in the legal industry with years of extensive experience. Our highly acclaimed workshops have changed the lives of thousands of attorneys and law firms across the country.

We offer a number of diverse courses, structured around powerfully interactive curriculum modules, empowering you to draw upon current strengths, while overcoming existing barriers inhibiting professional growth, development and success.

Whether you’re a litigator or transactional attorney/professional from a small or large firm and are driven to take your results/career to the next level, Effective Legal Presentations is the right choice! Our workshops offer practical, easy to implement tools, enabling participants to master each communication skill and effectively deliver impactful presentations to clients, in house teammates and opposing counsel.

Legal Presentation Skills Training

You may think you’re a formidable adversary in the courtroom, well versed in persuasiveness and the art of debate. But did you know the Number 1 mistake lawyers make is taking too long to get to the point?

Well-honed presentation skills are just as important to lawyers and other legal professionals as they are to those in the corporate world looking to close a deal. If you want to demonstrate more confidence, more credibility and more expertise, Legal Presentation Skills Training by Effective Legal Presentations is where you will find it.

From your opening statement through to your closing argument, your presentation skills are what set you apart from your legal opponent. Outside the courtroom, solid communication skills allow you to speak confidently to effectively engage and compel others with your thoughts and ideas.

Strengthen your presentation skills today with dynamic training from Effective Legal Presentations!

Legal Communication Skills That Deliver

Our legal communication skills training courses are a one-of-a-kind learning experience. They’re highly interactive and fun, and every one of them is facilitated by a highly capable trainer.

No other Legal Presentation Skills Training workshop combines in-depth training with role-play, breakout sessions, and videotaped presentation practice. Effective Legal Presentations provides a healthy and supportive learning environment that empowers you to master the essential verbal and non-verbal skills that are critical for success.

We are also pleased to provide each of our participants with an exclusive Effective Legal Presentations training manual and a professionally edited DVD featuring your own videotaped presentation, plus valuable tools that will allow you to continue the learning process beyond the workshop.


Corporate Training Workshops

  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Training
  • Media Training
  • Customized Training

Individual Training Workshops

  • Presentation Skills
  • Live Virtual Training


Skills Training Tailored For You

The legal industry demands a very specific type of communication ability, and that’s why our nationally certified trainers will provide tailor-made communication courses specifically for you. We will work with you to put together a workshop that fits your needs and accommodates your schedule. And we can deliver our training to you at your office or at one of our training sites.

Legal Presentation Skills Workshop Outcomes

Our Legal Presentation Skills Training consists of personalized mentoring with our certified trainers, and we pride ourselves on engaging you in a fun and relaxed environment where you will thrive as you learn. Our goal is to build on the skills you already have to make you a more profound communicator who can:

  • Think on their feet and formulate concise and thought-provoking arguments
  • Actively connect with the listener
  • Compel and persuade the audience both verbally and non-verbally
  • Deliver presentations confidently and with conviction
  • Inspire and motivate their audience

Whether it’s inside the courtroom or in the boardroom, communication skills are paramount to the legal profession. Let Effective Legal Presentations teach you how to bolster your presentation skills so you can deliver powerful, persuasive messages to any audience.