Our Services for the Legal Community

Effective Legal Presentations services cover the communication, presentation, CLE compliance and professional growth needs of law firms, attorneys, corporations and clients. The communication/presentation demands within the legal community are immense when we consider how many outcomes are dependent on how well a position is communicated and presented. Ensuring that you give yourself and your client the best chance of success is where we empower you and your team!

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Executive/Partner Coaching

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Legal Strategic Presentation Coaching

Case Presentation

In House Courses

Off Site Client Coaching

Team/Co-Counsel Coaching

CLE Course Request Program

CLE Compliance Management System

Law Firm/Attorney Performance Coaching

Expert Witness Coaching

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Design for Success

Not only does Effective Legal Presentations deliver a range of progressive and invaluable professional services, we capitalize on the strengths of each of our clients to highlight and develop their existing skill set. Our enlightening and dynamic platforms identify and eradicate weaknesses to make room for positive growth.


Driven to Excel

Led by Certified Professional Trainers, Effective Legal Presentations’ workshops focus on the power of communication. Our highly interactive and results-driven workshops strengthen leadership, boost employee morale, and promote teamwork. Our impressive collection of professional services inspire and motivate our clients to harness their strengths and maximize their potential to be engaging, persuasive speakers.

We are revolutionizing the way people communication to help them solidify the relationships they build every day. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our many workshops and training programs that will teach you to deliver your message with authority and confidence.