MattMathew Penov

Matt has spent the last 25 years developing individuals and helping them reach their full potential.

His background includes 10 years as a Business Professor where he taught among other things, Business and Contract Law as well as a Capstone course for undergrads that included critical thinking and ethics.

Matt is an accredited instructor for the Colorado Bar Association who is also in Ziglar Sales Systems, Strategies for Success and Essential Presentation Skills, as well as many other areas involving Diversity, High Performance Team Development and Situational Leadership.

Lawyers perform many important presentations over the course of their careers and as a trainer with Effective Legal Presentations, Matt has worked with them in areas involving business development opportunities, client meetings and courtroom presentations. Matt’s training expertise will allow you to be more persuasive in and out of the courtroom while at the same time getting your audience: i.e. judge, jury or new clients to move to action.

Stage presence, a powerful opening argument, crafting your story and even the tone of your voice all are areas that over the last ten years, Matt has focused on and become an expert at helping others with.

Matt’s educational background includes a computer science degree as well as a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s degree in Business Administration to go along with over 15 years in senior management.

He also has endorsements from the Colorado Department of Education in secondary Business and Elementary Education.

With such a diverse background, Matt is able to quickly and easily relate to and create individualized content and course materials to suit any needs that may arise.

His enthusiasm for helping others is shared by his lovely wife Cheryl and their 3 children.