Brent Clouse

Being the son of of Karlene Faith, a lifetime achievement award winner of the American Society for Criminology was a unique way of growing up. Having experienced the echoing sounds of the California Parole Board Administrative Offices as a young boy, Brent Clouse realized at a very early age that the laws and legal system is one of ultimate power. This attraction to the law at a very young age for Brent has never stopped. Brent was exposed to how the judges and attorneys were empowered in such a way that it was critical to accurately communicate with each and every person.

Knowing what you’re saying and how it’s being received shaped the world that Brent was raised in. Becoming a professional observer of human interaction was a natural progression for Brent as he moved from his father’s cattle ranch to his mother’s academic environment. This diverse upbringing served Brent well as he grew up and pursued a career in professional sports. Knowing how to read an opponent is like reading your adversary, witness and or teammate. Accurate communication was key in his success as a competitor, businessman and coach.

While managing CO, SD and WY for LexisNexis, Brent noticed that there was a huge need to help people within the legal industry to become better communicator’s. There were multiple times where the communication deficiencies lead to losing cases, losing clients and simply not producing the results that were needed and expected. Having spent a number of years as a Key Note Speaker for Effective Presentations, Brent realized that the legal industry has a huge need for guiding attorneys, law firms, witnesses, paralegals and clients with live in person presentation skills for both transactional and trial attorneys. The cost of losing is simply too high to not address the need and technique of giving an effective presentation. Brent’s diligent and passionate pursuit of supporting the legal industries ability to give effective presentations has been unmatched within the Colorado legal community.

Having Brent on your team as a presentation coach is a weapon that is key with winning every deal or case your actively pursuing.