public speakingMike Fruciano

A keynote speech by Mike Fruciano can improve sales presentation techniques and the communication skills of your employees, immediately giving your organization a competitive advantage. With his interactive keynotes, teams quickly learn the physical and vocal techniques that add impact, power and presence to their presentations. This unique training is already empowering leaders in sales, business and politics. Full Bio

mathew-penov-150x150Matt Penov

Having Matt Penov present to your associates will absolutely renew their attitude toward work, relationships and life! Matt is able to speak on life’s problems and setbacks and allow things to be placed in perspective. His diverse background ranging from construction, to upper management in corporate America, to college Professor all ensure his ability to empathize with any audience. Have Matt show your staff how to enjoy all the things that money won’t buy! Full Bio

brent-clouse-150x150Brent Clouse

Have Brent Clouse show your staff how to implement techniques and strategies that will maximize your professional climate and improve your bottom line. Get immediate results by leveraging his proven approach to “Bringing Out The Best” in each individual. Whether Brent is delivering a keynote speech or conducting a seminar, a long-term positive improvement will follow. Brent’s ability to engage his audience in both of these arenas makes his presence worth his weight in gold! Full Bio

david-treadwellDavid Treadwell

David Treadwell is the former placekicker for the Denver Broncos and New York Giants. During David’s career he was a Pro Bowl kicker and received All-AFC and All-Rookie honors in addition to starting in Super Bowl XXIV. He is still among the all-time NFL leaders in field goal accuracy. Let David enhance your company’s performance with keynote speeches on Leadership, Teamwork and having the mindset of a champion. Full Bio