CLE – Exclusive Management Program

Effective Legal Presentations host’s the most exclusive CLE management system in the state of Colorado! The entire approach of what CLE’s are offered, when the desired CLE’s are offered, finding the exact needed CLE courses and eliminating all of the time to determine and commit to the courses is now managed for you!

For the first time in CO CLE compliance history, an attorney is now able to receive monthly reports of what CLE’s are available in their area of law, their specific requested CLE’s offered within each month and sign them up as well. Effective Legal Presentations will also give the attorney a current running total of their CLE credit’s and allow them to contribute to the specific courses offered and the forum that they are offered through.

This is only the beginning step in Effective Legal Presentations CLE Performance Management System. The focus of the performance management system is to implement a growth program that addresses every area in need of improvement an attorney has at any given point and time. The area’s that we cover begins with Effective Presentation Skills and encompasses a full menu of interpersonal skills that can be tailored to the specific needs of the attorney and law firm.

Attorney Performance Management Tool

Have your entire CLE credits auto managed so you can focus on your performance and improvement instead of compliance! Proactively contribute to what CLE’s are being offered and dictate how your performance plan is designed and executed!

Effective Legal Presentations CLE – Performance Management System is an attorneys performance tool that auto manages their CLE credits, gives them status reports, applies for desired courses and keeps them up to date on all current courses offered within their area of interest.